Marketing and PR-Consulting

GLC realizes corporate publishing project with TimePartner
In their reference book “Zeitarbeit” the authors Joachim Gutmann, Member of the Managing Board of GLC, and Sven Kilian, CEO of TimePartner Gruppe, introduce temporary employment as a modern form of work and service. Including numerous of specimens of a contract and checklists the book, which will be published in July 2009, represents an important compendium for HR-Management in German language.
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Tourism and leisure industry

“Glücksburger model” successfully exported to Lower Saxony. GLC Glücksburg Consulting AG takes over tourism in Oberharz.
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Energy, utility and agriculture

Expertise about the EEG-amendment 2009
The Managing Director of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Neubrandenburg commissioned GLC to furnish an opinion with regard to the effects of the modified policies in the Act on Granting Priority to Renewable Energy Sources (coming into force 1st of January 2009) on the efficiency of facilities, which had been paid individually so far…
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Conception and project development

Regional management
GLC wins tendering for the regional management of the LAG AktivRegion Mitte des Nordens e.V…
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