GLC wins tendering for the regional management of the LAG AktivRegion Mitte des Nordens e.V.

Hamburg, 14th of April 2009. From the 01st of April 2009 on, GLC as regional management takes over the operations of the branch office for the association LAG AktivRegion Mitte des Nordens e.V. und will be the driving force in the development process. GLC will carry out the task management, die coordination and networking of local and regional stakeholders, the development, consulting and implementation of projects, the regional marketing as well as the monitoring for the association.

The association supports the sustainable development of the region, focussing on the improvement of quality of life in the rural area. Geographically the AktivRegion Mitte des Nordens spans the office of Schafflund, Hürüp, Langballig and Mittelangeln, the commune of Harrislee and Handewitt as well as the city of Glücksburg.

“We are happy to push the development in the AktivRegion Mitte des Nordens together with the on-site stakeholders. Via the integrated development strategy we created a solid work base with many, partly high class project ideas“, says Eva Müller-Meernach, GLC project manager. “In a first step we will work on the projects with regard to their status quo in terms of concretion together with the local stakeholders, to be able to clear the way for a possible sponsorship.”

GLC created the integrated development strategy too, which has been finalised in May 2008.